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The September Issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine Is Ready


Design Seeds

Design Seeds® is a wonderful site for quilters, especially those who find colour choices  a challenge. Sign up for their newsletter and each day you will get a wonderful palette of colours like those below. These, and all the others on the Design Seeds® website are sure to inspire you! I love them! Aren’t these beautiful? They are …

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TQPM Quilt Retreat 2014

  You are invited to a QUILTING RETREAT & GETAWAY Sponsored by The Quilt Pattern Magazine and hosted by staff member and designer Isobel Meekins Leave all the stresses of daily life behind and join us for 4 days of REST, RELAXATION, QUILTING, and FUN!   Things To Do: QUILT. Take a nap. Visit the farm. Take …

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It’s Rose of Sharon Time

Our Rose of Sharon bushes begin blooming at the end of July, continue throughout August, and into September. Not only are the flowers beautiful, they bloom in summer whereas most flowering bushes and trees bloom in the spring. They bloom longer than any other flowering bushes in our area. Honey bees and hummingbirds love them, too. …

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Remembering Elvis

Last week, Elvis’ fans marked the 35th anniversary of his passing. It brought to mind the Elvis fans in our family and the special panels I was fortunate to find. I made a total of 3 of these large, quilted, Christmas Stockings for them, to their surprise and delight, including a very small one for a cousin’s …

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The Quilt Pattern Magazine

Full of great patterns! BOMs! Monthly! All digital!  Only $16.95 Get 5 free patterns with your subscription! Watch to see what is featured in this month’s issue! FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponLinkedinTumblrDigg

Precision Piecing Your Patchwork with Valerie Nesbitt

Here are great tips for beginning quilters and a good review for the more experienced. FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponLinkedinTumblrDigg

50% Off on All Craftsy Classes!

Apologies! I have just learned that this sale ended last night. I am very sorry that the fact missed my attention. Please pardon my error! Next time Craftsy has a sale, I’ll make sure to bring it to you on day one! They have frequent sales so it won’t be terribly long. Please pardon my …

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My Latest Quilt

I have been busy making quilts and thought to start sharing them here. This is my most recent – a baby quilt for a darling new little niece. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten the name of the panel and the company who made it. If you happen to know, would you kindly refresh my memory? Love those …

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Stolen Quilts

Nancy Rink of Nancy Rink Designs  just had several quilts stolen from her. One of them is pictured below. We quilters know how much work is put into our quilts and how much of ourselves as well. Help Nancy by viewing all of her quilts and keeping an eye out for them. To view the rest, click …

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