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This is a must read for all quilters! Hunter has said it all so perfectly. Be sure to spread this to all of your quilting friends! Read the original post and all the resulting comments here. All Inclusive I recently attended a guild meeting, where the speaker began her talk by making a statement along the …

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EQ Photo Fun Blog Hop

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Spring – Finally!

This has been both a late and an unusual spring. The last bit of snow, tucked away in a shady corner, finally melted a few days ago. Today, we have crocus and snowdrops blooming together. This is a first for us! Usually – or, at least, in the last several winters – our snowdrops bloomed …

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Easy Way to Make HSTs and the Four Seasons Block

Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company has a great tutorial for making a quilt using the Four Seasons Block. Her method is quick and easy and makes 4 HSTs all at once. I love the quilt she has made and the fabrics she used! Take a look at her video demonstration to learn her …

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A New Tool – Curvalicious!

Cheryl Lynch quilt designer, teacher, artist, and author, has developed a tool that quilters will enjoy and have lots of fun with it. She has given it a perfectly enticing name too –  Curvalicious! Here is what Curvalicious looks like. Here is a sample of what you can create with it. To learn all about it, how to use …

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$1 ePattern Sale from Martingale!

Martingale is selling ePatterns for only $1 each! This offer is only good through March 19, 2014, so be sure to take advantage of it! Click here to view them all. I simply couldn’t resist this one. It will make a darling gift come Christmas! The pattern is Frolicking Frosties Wall Quilt by Mary Hickey. …

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Last Chance to Participate!


Olympics – Quilt Style

Admittedly, these are summer Olympics and it is the Winter Olympics that are going on right now, but the topic is still timely. Thought you would enjoy seeing a winning quilt from the Festival of Quilts 2012. It won Best of Show at the time and was submitted by the “No Name Quilters”. If you …

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It’s All in How You Say It!

 ARBITRATOR:  A cook that leaves Arby’s to work at MacDonald’s. BERNADETTE:  The act of torching a mortgage. AVOIDABLE:  What a bullfighter tries to do. BURGLARIZE:  What a crook sees with. COUNTERFITTERS:  Workers who put together kitchen cabinets. ECLIPSE:  What a British barber does for a living. HEROES:  What a guy in a boat does. MISTY:  …

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Cats and Quilts

  You have met Lily on these pages before. Isn’t she a beautiful Cornish Rex? Just look at her lovely photo taken during the Christmas Season! Like all cats, she loves quilts. The table runner she is sitting on depicts Cardinals. Though it looks real this Poinsettia is not, so no possible harm can come …

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