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Island Batik’s Christmas in July

  Island Batik’s Christmas in July We Island Batik Ambassadors were challenged to design for the Christmas in July theme, which is a very popular one. We lucky people were given their absolutely beautiful Holiday Happenings line to work with. Two unfortunate things have happened while preparing to share my version of Christmas in July. First is that …

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Modern Batik Challenge – A Summary

For all those who will surely want to see all the modern-style quilts created by our Island Batik Ambassadors last month, click on this Moose Stash Quilting link. You won’t want to miss all the creativity! A reminder – this is the one I posted. FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinTumblrDigg

New Book – Art Quilts: Embroidery & Drawing

  LaDan Abosein is a multi-talented artist. Her range goes from pencil drawing to Persian Miniatures, embroidery, knitting, cooking, gardening, decorating and quilting. Quilting is what she finds the most personally satisfying. In that regard, she has been featured in several magazines. She has recently published a book – Art Quilts: Embroidery & Drawing. Quilters …

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Island Batik – Modern Quilt Challenge

What is a Modern Quilt? I actually find it difficult to decide on what qualifies. The dictionary meaning is, “of, relating to, or characteristic of contemporary styles of art, literature, music, etc., that reject traditionally accepted or sanctioned forms and emphasize individual experimentation and sensibility.” Even so, after looking at images of what qualifies as modern …

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We have more chipmunks around this year than last. They are so cute and we love seeing them. They scurry so quickly it’s hard to get a photo of them that isn’t a blur. I managed 2 yesterday. Here’s an old “chipmunk” joke. Warning! It’s a real groaner! One day while driving home from his …

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Playful Paper Piecing with Island Batik

As you may already know, the theme of this month’s Island Batik challenge is Playful Paper Piecing. My project was meant to be presented in mid May. Unfortunately, circumstances decreed otherwise and here I am presenting it to you on the last day of the month. I must admit that paper piecing is not a favourite technique of mine. I …

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Canada Day – July 1st

Have you begun making plans to celebrate Canada’s 149th Birthday on July 1st? My Canadian Flag Pattern is a good way to show your patriotism and to celebrate by including it in your decorations. It also makes the perfect gift for Canadians working and living abroad. You can also use just the Maple Leaf pattern on …

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How To Fold Quilts to Prevent Creases


A New Applique Method!

This video is by Kathy McNeil. The tools can be purchased through her website. FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinTumblrDigg

Island Batik and April Showers

We Island Batik Ambassadors were given a fun challenge this month – create a quilted project with an April Showers theme. I received an absolutely beautiful bundle of fabrics – Island Batik‘s Seashore Collection. Here they are spread out in a fan shape to view and appreciate. Be sure to click on their link above – …

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