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Learn to Quilt with “Your First Quilt”
 – A New Workshop!

This workshop is for first-time quilters and those who have just begun quilting on their own and want to be sure they have covered all of the basics. No previous quilting experience is needed. You do need to know how to use your sewing machine. Everything will be covered including quilt terminology and the basic …

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June Issue – TQPM


I have been asked why I promote The Quilt Pattern Magazine (TQPM). My answer is, “For many reasons”. Here are just some of them. Cindy McCoy and I co-founded it. Cindy is TQPM‘s owner and CEO. It was created for quilters by quilters. Everyone on staff is a quilter. Many of us are also quilt teachers and …

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May Issue – The Quilt Pattern Magazine (TQPM)

  Please Note: If you are subscribed via email, the video will not work. Please visit Maria’s Quilt Scraps (from Maria Michaels Designs) to view it.

Kennel Quilts by Suzette Sims

Suzette Sims is a tester for The Quilt Pattern Magazine (TQPM). She has tested the first 4 blocks in my montly BOM challenge which started with the January 2015 issue and will extend through December of this year. Suzette decided to use those first 4 BOMs to make Kennel Quilts.  She then donated them to a …

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The March Issue of TQPM Is Ready!

The February Issue of TQPM is Ready!

It includes the second block of my Over the Rainbow BOMs!