Inklingo™ Shape Collection #3

Inklingo Shape Collection 3 - by Linda FranzWhen Linda produced Inklingo™ Shape Collection #1 and later, Inklingo™ Shape Collection #2, we quilters rejoiced at how much easier quilting became whether we piece by hand or by machine.

The reason for the rejoicing was, and is, that Inklingo makes things so simple! You need only print your desired shapes on your chosen fabric, layer the printed fabric over several others (depending upon how many you need) then cut out your shapes. No templates or special rulers are needed! You don’t have to deal with stretchy bias seams, you don’t need to copy or trace to size, nor do you need to draw lines on fabric or stitch on paper! Inklingo also saves on fabric! An added bonus is that you can cut with scissors if that is your preference.

Inklingo™ Shape Collection #3 includes 30 shapes and sizes. Hexagons, the triangles that go with them and related shapes such as Hexagon halves, quarters, thirds and star points. Elongated Hexagons are also included along with their related shapes – thirds, quarters, and halves. There are also triangles and their halves, and pentagons.

Inklingo™ only uses tiny amounts of inkjet ink and you can choose from 20 colours which will show up on the back of most any fabric. The inks can be allowed to fade or be washed out of the finished quilt. The shapes in Inklingo™ can be used with any quilt pattern that uses the same shapes and sizes.

Linda’s books and tools are always of the best quality. Her books qualify as “eye candy” and they contain everything you need to know. The directions and illustrations are complete. Nothing is missing from them.

You will also appreciate the fact that there is a Yahoo Inklingo™ group which you can join to discuss Inklingo™ and your projects, and to ask questions. For those of you who are new to Inklingo™ Linda even has a demo video on her website. Click here to see Sample Pages of Inklingo™ # 3.

If you have Inklingo™ Shape Collection # 1 and # 2 you will be pleased to know that Linda is adding new Shape Collections quickly. To see the choices available, click here.

If you do not have them and would like them in book and CD form be sure to buy them right away because once Linda’s current current inventory is sold, they will no longer be available. They will however, be replaced with smaller downloadable collections which are wonderful too and have many advantages. To state a few – they enable more choices to be made available, there is immediate delivery, there are no shipping costs, they contribute to the Greening of our planet, and they are compatible with both Macs and PCs. There is a summary PDF at the bottom of the page for each Shape Collection which is a very useful resource.

In the past three months Linda has published not only The Inklingo Handbook but also five more Shape Collections, all of which are available as downloads. The newest one is for the Jane Austen Patchwork Quilt which is on sale right now for only $25 – an introductory special! It was just published last week and there is a companion book that will be available in the New Year. Watch Linda’s website for it!

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