The Quilter’s Catalog: A Comprehensive Resource Guide by Meg Cox


This book is an amazing collection of resources for quilters! Its eight chapters cover such topics as tools, technologies, techniques, fabrics and where to find them, great teachers and ways to learn quilting, well known quilters, how to buy a sewing machine, 12 projects from notable quilters, steps for beginners, showing quilts, fabric dyeing, longarm machines,and so much more that I can’t begin to share it all here. It is just chock full of interesting and important information!

There are interesting images on many of the pages, both current and from times gone by. They are in black and white but the 12 projects (directions included) are pictured in full colour.

The Quilter’s Catalog will quickly become a welcome and well used part of every quilter’s home library!

Visit Meg Cox’s website to learn more about her and to purchase her book. While you are there, be sure to subscribe to her free newsletter, Meg Cox on Quilting Now.

Pages: 598
Cover: Hard
Publisher: Workman Publishing

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