A New Tool – Curvalicious!

Cheryl Lynch quilt designer, teacher, artist, and author, has developed a tool that quilters will enjoy and have lots of fun with it. She has given it a perfectly enticing name too –  Curvalicious!

Here is whaCurvalicious looks like.



Here is a sample of what you can create with it.

Curvalicious Sample

Curvalicious Sample

To learn all about it, how to use it, view a video, and buy one for yourself, visit Cheryl’s web page.


  1. Doreen Daly

    I hope you remember me. I was the woman who was trying to sell your rulers while waiting to pay for mine. I talked to Gail at Lady fingers about your ruler and gave her your business card. She wanted to see your ruler and I showed her it. She was very interested and stated she was going to call you. Hope everything goes well with the call. Talk to you soon. Doreen Daly

    • Hello Doreen. – Thank you for leaving a comment, but I only presented the tool here. Cheryl Lynch is its creator. Click on her name to visit her website and contact her.

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