Victoriana Quilt Designs & 60º Scrap Quilt Tutorial


 If you haven’t visited Benita Skinner‘s  Victoriana Quilt Designs, you will want to do so soon! Lots of great patterns to be found there, among other goodies. You will like her Facebook page, too.

Recently, on her Facebook page, Benita shared the link to a 60º Scrap Quilt Tutorial  from Magnolia Bay Quilts. This is a terrific way to use up scraps and make a wonderful quilt for yourself or as a gift. I am so tempted to get started on one right away, but am resisting the temptation for a little bit while I finish 2 already-started quilts.

Magnolia Bay Quilts - 60º Quilt Tutorial

Magnolia Bay Quilts60º Quilt Tutorial

Send us your photos when you make this quilt and we will share them here.


  1. Emily Starr

    O” a new quilter to follow. Terrific. I marked this pattern also. I have tons of fat quarters just waiting for me to finish a sewing room. Glad to meet you Maria.

    • Glad to meet you too, Emily, and glad you found my blog. I’m intrigued by how this pattern will look in less busy fabrics, or a mixture of busy and plainer, etc. Lots of possibilities.


    • It does! On Facebook, Benita showed another quilt from a similar pattern using fewer colours. Both are very nice.

      I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. I enjoy reading yours and everyone’s so much. Thank you.

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