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Welcome to my stop on Kay Mackenzie’s Book-A-Round from Maria Michaels Designs!

I am a quilt and web designer, and online quilt teacher at QuiltCampus. Maria’s Quilt Scraps is my new blog which takes the place of the Maria Michaels Designs Newsletter I’ve been writing and producing since 2002.


Kay’s new appliqué book is now available!

It comes with a CD, which every quilter will love! The terrific thing about it is that we can use it to print every one of the delightful appliqué blocks in our choice of 5 sizes: 6 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 12 inches! I can’t praise this feature enough. What a time saver! No tracing, no copying, no enlarging required!

An extra bonus – the mirror images are also included and ready to print! How handy is that? The CD, which works for both PCs and Macs, is very easy to use and the book includes complete information on how to use it.

Just looking at the patterns in the book and on the CD makes you want to get right to work making them! They are hard to resist!


Table of Contents pages can be relatively ho hum, but not this one. Look at how attractive these pages are! What’s more important – you can easily see everything included in the book at a glance. All 50 block patterns are listed and easy to find, as are Kay’s appliqué instructions.The pictures on these two pages give us a tantalizing glimpse of the kind of attractive appliqué patterns we’ll find inside, as do the block images below.


Kay’s step by step instructions and directions are all excellently done. They are written clearly and are easy to understand. Guidance in fabric selection and preparation, vision, lighting, and the tools and notions needed, are all a part of her hand appliqué tips. Directions are given for using freezer paper templates, which are used by ironing them to the right side of the fabric.


Back basting preparation for hand appliqué is also described, and Kay even includes a practice piece for those who need it. Hand stitching is gone over in detail, and there’s an overview of raw edge machine appliqué. All of the instruction pages are well illustrated, which is a special boon to those who prefer visual learning and which are a great aid to everyone.


I was just about to start a baby quilt and had been thinking about possible patterns. Kay’s book ended my wonderings because I fell in love with several of her block patterns and knew immediately that I absolutely had to put them in our granddaughter’s quilt, which will be ready to welcome her this summer. I’ll post a photo here to show it to you when it is done.


Send me the photos of the projects you make from Kay’s book and I’ll post them here, too, and forward them to Kay as well. She’ll be delighted to see them. We both will!

Ask for Easy Appliqué Blocks at your local quilt shop. If they don’t happen to have it, ask them to order it in for you. You can also purchase it at Amazon. or at the Martingale & Company website. Order it from Kay’s website Quilt Puppy Publications and get a copy signed by Kay herself!



Contest Prize!

Leave a comment about Kay’s book today and you’ll be eligible to win one of two prizes!

First Prize – a signed copy of Easy Appliqué Blocks!

easter_egg_runner1Second Prize – my Easter Egg Table Runner pattern which will be sent to you via email as a downloadable PDF file.

crossed-tulips Winners will be chosen from those who enter comments today by 7 p.m. Eastern time. The two winners will be announced here between 7 and 8 pm.

Note: I am happy to announce that the deadline can be extended to 8 pm Eastern time!

Winners will be announced between 8 and 9 instead.

The Book-A-Round started March 27. To learn even more about Kay’s new book, go to her website and catch up on all of the earlier stops on the tour. Then, every day through April 5, start at All About Appliqué and Kay will send you off through the blogosphere to another great quilting blog!


  1. Bonnie Thiem

    I love applique. I do machine applique. I am always looking for a new applique book. Applique adds so much to a tablerunner or quilt.

  2. Mary on Lake Pulaski

    Yes, “my” Lake Pulaski is the one in Minnesota. Still has lots of ice and snow on it, but in the summer it is the most beautiful place in the world. My 90 year old Father says “you’ve got a little piece of heaven there.”

    • It sounds wonderful, Mary. If you have any photos of your piece of heaven to share, it would be lovely to see them. If you like, you can send them to me at info at (remove the “at” and change it to @ and remove the spaces) and I’ll post them here.

      Congratulations! I see that you won Kay’s book at Holly Mabutas’ Sprinkles of Thought stop on her Blog-A-Round! You must be thrilled and I know you’re going to love Kay’s book!


  3. Thank you all for making this stop on Kay’s Book-A-Round and for leaving your great comments. I’ve enjoyed reading them all. I will reply to everyone in this one, very long message. Please scroll down to find your name.

    First though, I’d like to invite you all to visit my blog again, and even better, to subscribe to it via email. You’ll receive new content whenever it is added. You won’t be inundated with email messages as I generally add new material once a week.

    Mariangeles: What a lovely name! Maria of the Angels. Am I right?
    I agree that even though your skills with appliqué are advanced, you are sure to enjoy the patterns in Kay’s book.

    Cathy: I’m glad that participating in Kay’s Book-A-Round introduced both Kay and myself to you.

    Amy: I hadn’t thought of it in those terms but you are right about this Book-A-Round being a win-win experience for all of us.

    Sue: We are neighbours! All that separates us is the lake. In fact, I have family in Niagara Falls and grew up crossing the Rainbow Bridge often to go and see them.
    Any fear you have of appliqué will quickly disappear with Kay’s book. Her complete, step-by-step instructions and illustrations will have you choosing your preferred method and producing appliqué blocks before you know it. When you do, please send me photos to include here. I’ll share mine, too. I’ve already chosen and printed the blocks I’ll be using in my quilt and will post a photo every time I complete a block.

    Jane: Congratulations again on winning my Easter Egg Table Runner pattern! Hope you’ll share photos when done!

    Diane: Greetings to you from Canada. I’m sorry you didn’t win but there are 7 more days left of this Book-A-Round and therefore 7 more chances to win. Good luck with it!

    Jaye: Glad you are enjoying the Book-A-Round. You are right that all of the comments left will help those reading about the book in future.

    Mary: Is your Lake Pulaski the one in Minnesota? Every time I hear about Minnesota I automatically think of Garrison Keillor.

    Shirley: You are right, the mirror image option is a million dollar idea. When I printed my blocks two days ago, I thought of the time it normally takes to do the enlarging and tracing, then reversing the image and was happy about all the time I saved. Just chose the size and mirror image, and they all came perfectly out of my printer! Really great!

    Donna: Glad to know that you are looking forward to the book. You won’t be disappointed!

    Pat: I was glad to invite you to Canada and happy that you came. I haven’t tried back basting yet either but am planning to as soon as possible.

    Lindi: Hope you enjoyed my blog. Do keep returning!

    Barb: I’m very pleased to know that you like my Easter Egg Table Runner. It was fun to make. Glad you are enjoying the tour, too.

    Rosemary: Thank you! I’m so glad to know that you’ll be visiting us regularly!

    Carol: Do let us know how you like the back basting method after you’ve tried it!

    Ruth: Yes, we are far away by public transit.  However, by car it’s a 2 hour drive to Niagara Falls, NY, so I guess it really depends upon where you are in NY State.

    KayeT: Glad you are enjoying the Book-A-Round, that you like my Easter Egg table runner pattern, and that you are having fun with each new day in Kay’s Book-A-Round.

    Sarah Vee: I agree. Kay has made things very easy for us!

    Denise: Having the CD makes an already special book ten times more so, at the least. It’s great to use!

    Mindy: Kay seems to have thought of everything. It is good to know that if we switch from a PC to a Mac, or the other way around, we’ll still be able to use her CD.

    Jennifer: Congratulations again on winning Kay’s book! You are going to love it!

    Sharon: I do hope that you will return to quilting! Depending upon how long you’ve been away from it, you’ll find lots of changes!

    Carol: This book truly would make a good addition to your quilt library.

    Roger: You put it very well. The CD with all of its option, along with a very special book, is indeed a god-send. I hope you follow the rest of the Book-A-Round

    Eileen: We are alike in that way. I enjoyed thinking of all the wonderful possibilities, too!

    Good luck to you all on the rest of Kay’s Book-A-Round!


  4. kaymac

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this stop on the Book-A-Round. It does my heart good hearing from all of you that you appreciate all of my ideas that went into the book, and that you’re enjoying the tour!!

    Kay Mackenzie

  5. eileen

    My mind has been racing with ideas since I first saw this book.

  6. Roger Stokes

    So often when looking at books of designs it can be a case of “Yes, but …” as the designs offered don’t quite fit the bill in terms of space required or being reversible. A set of designs in different sizes and with mirror images so a symmetrical design can be produced is a god-send for all sorts of projects.

  7. Carol

    This would be a much coveted addition to my meagre collection of easy quilting books! I am a rooky quilter and learning all I can about quilting. Hope I win!
    thank you

  8. Sharon

    Interesting book. Used to help granny with her quilting and now that I’ve semi-retired I think it’s time to get back into quilting.

  9. Hey, this looks like a great book for me and my mum to quilt with. She just started teaching me the tricks of the trade, and applique will be a great one to learn! The patterns look fun and just the right level of challenging…

  10. Kay’s book looks wonderful. It’s great that the CD works for both Mac and PC since I have a PC but am thinking about buying a Mac. I can’t wait to see the book in person! Mindy from Kansas

  11. Denise S.

    Lovely patterns in this book, wonderful to have a CD too.

  12. Sarah Vee

    I think this book is a great resource – especially for those of us who love applique but are intimidated by enlarging and reversing patterns. Kay has made it easy for us to try this technique. Great review of her book.

  13. KayeT

    What darling patterns you are teasing us with. I really like the heart one that is shown, among others. The Easter Egg tablerunner is also a very cute pattern. Nice and festive. This is so fun seeing what is new each day for the book review. Very fun. Looking forward to the rest.

  14. Ruth C

    I sure would love to learn the book!

    We are in NY, but you are still very far away, especially on public transit…

  15. carol

    I would like to learn the back basting method; please enter me in the draw.. Thanks!

  16. Thank you for a great book review. Kay’s book sounds wonderful. I love to applique more than any other quilting technique. The Book Around is a great idea. I’m discovering some new blogs that I will definitely revisit regularly.

  17. Barb Rohrmayr

    I love this book tour. I’m looking forward to using Kay’s wonderful book. I so enjoy viewing all these blogs. They are outstanding. Your tablerunner is precious.

  18. Lindi

    I’m new to your website. Thanks for the review of Kay’s book.

  19. Pat in Wisconsin

    This has been fun! I’ve been wanting to try back basting for quite awhile, and these patterns seem perfect for this method. And I have to add this is the cheapest vacation I’ve had in a long time–thanks for inviting us to Canada.

  20. Donna Loebs

    This is such a wonderful concept. I am looking forward to getting the book in my hands. It looks great lots of pics and details.
    God Bless,

  21. kaymac

    Greeting everyone! I so appreciate hearing your comments and I’m so glad you came to visit Maria!

    The information on tools and notions that Mary on Lake Pulaski is referring to is available for download on my website,

    See you around the tour!

    Kay Mackenzie

  22. Shirley

    This is getting to be a habit…Loving this concept of book a-round. Looking forward to those back basting instructions in Kay’s book. And mirror images? Now that is a #1,000,000 idea!

    Shirley in Oregn

  23. Mary on Lake Pulaski

    I am glad that Kay included the tools she uses for applique. It is better than buying everything and then deciding it does not work for the method you are using.

  24. I think the idea of a blog book tour is great. Not only is it fun today, but the posts will survive the “tour” and provide some great information for future searchers!

  25. Diane

    Greetings to our friends in Canada! Great web site! Hope I win the book…..
    Thanks, Diane

  26. Jane

    Wow a trip to Canada to review the book, I am impressed and I love the book.

  27. Sue Cahill

    I live in Niagara Falls NY so we are neighbors!!

    Thanks for th ereview of the book. Appique scares me a bit but I think I need to get this book and give it a try.

  28. Amy R

    Wow, I am really enjoying this Book-a-round. I’m learning about he book along the way, but I’m also learning about some great quilters/authors/bloggers along the way. A win/win I’d say. Thanks so much for all those participating in this Book-a-round. Amy

  29. Cathy

    This book looks like the perfect book for me. I hope I win! I’m glad I’m following the All About Applique blog because I didn’t know about you – Kay. It’s great to learn about you.

    I’m I the first to post – how cool is that!

    Thanks, Cathy

  30. Mariangeles

    This is a great review of Kay’s book. I’m an advanced beginner as far as applique, but this looks like a book to purchase for the cute designs and the bonus mirror-image patterns!


  1. Book-A-Round ~ Day 3 : All About Applique

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