Book Review: To Scotland with Love


If you enjoy today’s romance stories with quilting included  To Scotland with Love (A Kilts and Quilts Novel) by Patience Griffin, is one that will interest you. It is the first in a series of Kilts and Quilts Novels. The second is scheduled to be released in January 2015.

Just released this past June, it is the story of Catriona Macleod who returns to the small fishing village of Gandiegow, Scotland where she spent her childhood before her parents moved to Chicago. Her grandmother, Deydie, still lives there, the only family Caitie has left.

The romance part? There she meets villager Graham Buchanan, a famous movie star who disappears from the limelight from time to time. Everyone wonders where he is and Caitie, a journalist, is torn between protecting his secrets and making a name for herself.

The quilting part? Her grandmother, Deydie, is a quilter (Caitie is, too) and the village has a group of quilters who meet at Deydie’s cottage.

The book is published by and can be ordered through your favourite online bookstore.

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