Knitting – Circular Needles

Circular Needles - As They Come from the Package.

Circular Needles – As They Come from the Package.

For those of us who knit with circular needles, we have an instant problem after buying them. They are usually wound in tight circles and refuse to lie straight.

If you search the Internet for solutions, you will find that most suggest dipping the cables into hot water – so that’s what I did. I boiled water, poured it into a pan, waited 2 minutes, then held the cables in the water – but not the needles nor the part where they connect. Some I had to dip and keep in the water repeatedly before they straightened.

Then, as suggested, I hung them over doorknobs and placed a metal clip on each needle to weight them down a little and keep them straight. Left them that way for a few hours and this is the result – needles that aren’t tightly curled!


Straightened Needles

This created a need for better storage to keep them straight and for labelling, too. For inspiration, I visited Pinterest  and did a search. There, I found 2 great methods for storing them.


Circular Needle Holder

The one I used comes from PieKnits.  I liked it for 2 reasons. One is that it was a quick and easy method. The other was that I had lots of empty spools saved. I do have wooden ones but decided to use up my plastic spools. Here is my version. Visit the site above for directions.

I labelled mine with Avery Labels. It’s not full yet as some of my needles are busy with projects. I tend to always have a few on the go at the same time, usually keeping one on each level, ready to pick up and knit.

I found another great needle holder on Pinterest  – one that is sewn. I like it, but opted for the quicker, spool just version for now. I am likely to end up with both types as soon as time permits!

Circular Needle Holder from I Finally Have Time

Circular Needle Holder from I Finally Have Time

Isn’t it a great idea? Click on its photo to visit I Finally Have Time .


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