Texas Bluebonnets

Pat Giesecke,  a very talented quilter, among her many other talents, has graciously shared her wonderful photos of Texas Bluebonnets. Here is what Pat has to say about them:

“I’ve lived in Texas almost all my life and I’ve only seen bluebonnets like this a handful of times. We were privileged to get to experience these yesterday (April 14) and the fragrance is heavenly. This was at Muleshoe Bend LCRA recreation area on Lake Travis.

We in Texas are so proud of our bluebonnets that many bluebonnet fabrics are available along with those featuring other Texas wildflowers. Don’t be surprised if a bluebonnet quilt shows up on my website some day. Or, if you’d like to commission one, please contact me.

My thanks and appreciation to Pat for sharing these beautiful photos with us! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fly right down to Texas and enjoy these bluebonnets in person?

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