My Turn! – Island Batik Planes Trains and Automobiles Blog Hop

PTA-Blog-Hop-Large-ButtonHasn’t this Island Batik Blog Hop been wonderfully exciting? So many talented quilters and so many wonderful quilts!

Today is especially exciting for me because it is my turn along with Adele Mogavero‘s (The Fit Quilter)! We are working mainly with Holiday Happenings, seen below on the right. The gorgeous fabrics I was sent to work with are, from left to right, Sea Salt Sandy, Holiday Happenings, LavishFrench Roasted (for a different project entirely and not included here) and Hollywood Hills. Be sure to click on those links for closeups. Look for these fabrics at your local quilt shop too, and if they don’t happen to have them, request them. (Find a shop near you.) – Also, be sure to read through to the end because there are prizes to be won!


When we first learned that this Hop’s theme would be Travel, my mind immediately went to different and  wonderful places. In fact, it went all the way back to one of the first flights ever known – Santa with his sleigh and reindeer. I just had to recreate my Santa’s Visit design with this beautiful selection of Island Batik fabrics. Aren’t the colours luscious? Just looking at them is inspirational and every time I do, new inspirations strike!

I used many of the Hollywood Hills fabrics in my Santa Travels quilt, and some of the others as well. For the majority of my projects I usually chose from among all the fabrics received. First, here is Santa’s Flight. (I know. ‘Tis not the season, but it will be  again.)


There is an interesting story behind this quilt. I consider my husband and myself a design team for two reasons. One is that his expertise as an artist and former high school art teacher provides me with great information and references. The other is that many of his drawings inspire me to create new quilt patterns. This one came about when I saw one of his geometric designs. It immediately made me think of Christmas stockings hanging on a fireplace and I designed the rest of the quilt around it. However, at the time, I did not want to try drawing Santa so asked him to draw one for me with the specification that we not see his face. (I didn’t want to deal with such tiny applique features.) Didn’t he draw the cutest one?


This wall quilt would do well partnered with the book, Twas The Night Before Christmas (also known as A Visit from St. Nicholas) by Clement C. Moore. The blocks are named: Waiting! – Here! – Filled! – Santa! – Decorated! – Going! – Going!! – Gone! The starry night sky fabric is from the Winter Wonderland collection. I also used Hollywood Hills and Holiday Happenings to create this quilt. For the Decorated! block, I used beads as embellishments to trim the tree.

The more I looked at my Hollywood Hills fabrics, the more I saw coral reefs – not the Coral Reefs fabric line, which you have already seen on this Hop – actual coral reefs. My imagination took flight! First, I flew by plane from Ontario to Buffalo, New York. From there I took a train down to Florida, then rented a car to go to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. At the beach, I transferred to a glass-bottomed boat so I could visit and see the beautiful coral reefs just off the coastline. To remember their beauty, I took photos of them and put them in an old-style photo album, as you can see here in my Coral Reef Photo Album quilt.


Most of the fabrics in this one are from Holywood Hills. I also used a little Sea Salt Sandy and a tiny bit of Lavish. The “photos” on the top left and bottom right are appliqued (with fusibles). The “photos” on the top right and bottom left have only the fish appliqued on them. The background fabrics looked like coral reefs to me and it was fun to use them in this manner. I used Basic Black for the sashings and borders and Sprinkles for the white photo borders.

The wonderfull Sea Salt Sandy fabrics can read as, or have the effect of, solids and they can be used in so very many ways. Nan Baker of Purrfect Spots, whom you visited on Monday, had lately been urging me to make a new variation of my Starbursts and Diamonds quilt – the first of my quilt designs back in 2001, also based on one of my husband’s geometric drawings. That came to mind as I admired these fabrics and realized that they would be perfect for it – and while we are travelling, why not travel to the stars, too? Instead of making an entire quilt though, I enlarged and made just the Starburst block. It measures 12 x 12 inches and can either be a hungry-man-sized mug rug (you think?) or a small wall hanging. As the latter, it would be a good reminder to ourselves and to our children to always”reach for the stars” – a good goal for us all.

For the back, I decided to use up some of my leftover bits of strips and rectangles. I cut a 4-sided shape for the center, then added to it in a Log Cabin style. It makes me think of a futuristic tunnel into the depths of space. (Obviously, I had the stars and outer space on my mind.)


We Island Batik Ambassadors enjoy keeping in touch with one another and sharing our projects. Lately, we’ve been commenting on how pretty our leftover snippets of fabric are and sharing photos of them. Here is my example. See what I mean? Beautiful colours!


I began to wonder what could be done with them. Because my friend, Martha, is taking lessons in painting abstracts, I thought of using them for abstract art. This is what I came up with. The fabrics aren’t as bright as those above because of the method used. I dropped the snippets on a square of batting with a backing under it – one large enough to add the borders afterwards. Then I spread them around as evenly as possible to cover the space. On top of that, I placed some netting. With a clear monofilament thread, I free-motion stitched quite solidly over the whole area to hold everything down. The netting cover does mute the bright colours somewhat. Since I also have coral reefs on my mind, it reminds me of the reefs teeming with life. My husband sees an autumn scene it it. If anything, what do you see?


And now for 2 Sets of prizes! 

Thank you for visiting and spending time with me today. I look forward to reading your comments. Good luck for both draws!

Set 1

From me there will be 6 prizes, chosen at the end of this Hop. Two will be awarded to Canadians who leave comments, 2 to our U.S. readers, and 2 to readers from other countries.  Each will win a pattern of their choice from my Craftsy Pattern Store. How to win? Leave a comment answering all of the following questions.

1. Which of the projects above is your favourite?
2. Why did you choose it?
3. What country are you from?

Winners will be chosen from among those who leave a comment. A computer-generated random number calculator will be used.
Winners will be announced at the end of the Hop on March 5th.

Set 2

Island Batik is also giving away a Fat Quarter Bundle from their French Roasted fabrics. You will love them!

To enter for a chance to win, click on the Rafflecopter widget below.

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  1. Rina Mason

    I forgot to say that I choose it because I love stars and am from the USA,

  2. Rina Mason

    Love the Starburst block!

  3. Wanda

    I like the Starburst because I like stars and the colors of the fabrics. I live in Texas, USA!

  4. Tina

    I like the Starburst the most because I love the colors and the way it is layered. I am in Montana USA.

    • Thank you, Tina. After this Island Batik Hop is over, I’ll count up the votes for these quilts. The results should be interesting.

  5. Jackie

    I really liked the scrappy Log Cabin. My tastes in quilting has changed and I’m leaning more towards a modern look, hence the log cabin. I’m a Canadian.

    • Jackie – I go back and forth between a more modern look, the traditional, and of course, my own designs. Thanks for leaving your comment!

  6. apple blossom

    the starburst caught my eye

    • Glad it did. 🙂 To enter the contest, we still need your country and the answer to #2, though.

  7. Mary D

    I like several of your projects but (the abstract rendering, the abstract back of the star) but I would chose the Coral Reefs Photo Album as my fave. I loving snorkeling and have actually snorkeled the coral reef in Belize. This project reminds me of that trip.

    • What a wonderful experience to have, Mary! I can’t begin to imagine what a wondrous feeling it would be! – Thank you for your comments. If you want to enter the draw, please add your country.

  8. Karen Felton

    I’m a traditional quilter and love geometric shapes so my favorite is Starbursts and Diamonds. Although I must admit I like what you did with the scraps, so very creative.
    I live in Minnesota, USA

    • Thank you, Karen. I enjoy working with scraps. They are both fun and challenging.

  9. rrjane011749

    Love your “Mystic Tunnel” quilt. I love the colors! I hail from Washington, USA

  10. Donna W

    Starburst is my favorite – I love stars!!!! I am from the USA.

  11. Dawn

    I love the Starburst block just because I can envision it being beautiful in so many different color schemes! I am from the USA.

    • Thank you, Dawn. It’s one of my favourites, especially because it was a part of the first quilt we designed.

  12. Hi! I am from Ohio and my favorite of your pieces for me is Santa’s Flight. I love Christmas quilts of all kinds and yours is so original. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Edith Gorzo

    I like all your projects, but the starburst is really my favorite. I like the geometric shape of it. I am from Canada. Thanks for the draw.

  14. Renea Yarolim

    I really like all three of your projects. The Santa one is sew cute. I live in the United States. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

    • Thank you, Renea. Glad you like that little Santa. Good luck on the giveaway!

  15. Becky

    I like the Coral Reef Photo Album the best because I am a nature lover. I’m from the USA.

  16. Chris

    I really like the Coral Reef it reminds me of how much I love the ocean. I can see the water and smell the salt water right now. I’m in NC, USA.

    • Thank you, Chris. I’ve never had the privilege of seeing the ocean or smelling the salt water but would dearly love to!

  17. Doris McCarty

    I’m from, Kentucky in the USA. I like your scrap art. What a great idea. My daughter is always wanting to sew. This would be a good project for her,she’s 7.

    • Doris, I’m sure your daughter would have fun with scrap art. She’ll be fortunate if you start teaching her to sew at the age of 7. I was 11 when I started sewing. 🙂

  18. Lori Morton

    I liked all of them..specially the Santa’s Flight..just because it is sooooo creative & fun! But love the Starburst Block…& the scrappy back!!! 🙂 I like the back..cause I have a bunch of scraps to use..would be fun to do blocks like that.. Thanks for sharing..and for chance to win your Give-a-way!:)

    • Thank you for your encouraging comments, Lori. I must admit that I love fabric scraps. Have fun with yours!

  19. All of the projects you did are great! I especially like the Coral Reef album. What a great way to remember a vacation! I’m from Toronto, Canada and although it’s been an “easy” winter so far, the snow, sleet and rain today makes me wish I was on a beach beside the coral reef….

    • Judy – I’m with you on wishing to be on a beach today. We got the snow and rain today, too.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. 🙂

  20. Vicki McMeans

    The starburst block is my favorite. I choose it because of the geometry involved! I love math in any form and this block suites to a tee. I am from the United States of America.

    • I like the geometry too, Vicki, and my husband is constantly coming up with more geometric designs. Mind you, many are too intricate for me to make into quilt blocks, though I’d love to. Incidentally, besides being a high school art teacher, he taught math as well. Thank you for your comments.

  21. Barbara Buck

    Oh my gosh Maria! Do you ever sleep? With all you have going on I am in awe of all of your Island Batik creations. I must say I am very impressed and love your husband’s little Santa. My favorite is the Starburst block and I can’t wait to try one…and I love your creative use of scraps for the backing. Fingers and toes crossed that I am one of the lucky winners. I live in Canyon City, Oregon.

    • Yes, Barbara, I actually do sleep. 🙂 However, I must admit that I don’t need as much sleep as I used to, which does give me a little more time for quilting. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments. I have a Starbursts and Diamonds pattern. Think I’ll make one up for the Starbursts block, too. – Thank you for your kind comments and good luck in the draw!

  22. Love both adventures!!!

  23. Celeste Pelliccione

    From Ontario, CANADA, currently wintering in California, USA. Enjoyed all of the quilts. Love the colours and designs. What imagination … all beautifully done. CONGRATULATIONS!

    • Thank you very much, Celeste! 🙂 Hmmm. . . may have to enter you for both countries. 😉
      Your lovely comments are greatly appreciated!

  24. I love Santa’s Flight b/c it reminds me of the times I read that book to my children and grandchildren. I am from Louisiana, USA.

    • Nice to hear from Louisiana, Charlene. Some of our family lived there for a few years.
      That’s a lovely memory you have! Thank you for commenting! 🙂

  25. Allison CB

    I’m originally from Canada but I live in the US now! 🙂 I like your snippet improv design! Just appreciate the abstract I guess!

    • Thank you, Allison. The abstract was fun to do. I’ll try more, but with water soluble stabilizer instead of netting/tulle, so the colours will remain vibrant.

  26. Gorgeous Quilts!

  27. Lorie B.

    They are all beautiful, but if I had to pick just one it would be the starburst block. It more of something I would do and love the fabric colors. I live in Roseville, MI. U.S. I have a friend that would just love the Santa wall hanging, is there a pattern I can get! Thanks for sharing and the giveaway!

    • Thank you, Lorie. The Starburst block is a favourite of mine. At the moment, I have a printed pattern of the Santa quilt, but plan to remake into a downloadable pattern soon. That will save the mailing expenses. Keep a watch on my blog or my Craftsy page and you’ll see it. I can’t promise when, but will start giving it my attention next week.

  28. Lisa Marie

    So many lovely projects! If I had to choose just one favorite it would be Coral Reef Photo Album because it is so unique and paints a wonderful visual image of the sea and what hides under the water. Thanks for sharing this inspiration and for the chance to win! I am from the US.

    • Thank you, Lisa Marie. I had fun making the Coral Reef Photo Album. If I can find the time, I’d like to add more pages to that album. 🙂

  29. Janie

    I love Holiday Happenings. Because of the meticulous detail in it. I live in the United States. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Thank you, Janie. The Holiday Happenings fabric line is a beautiful one to work with.

  30. Maureen Haynes

    I am a Canadian, from London, ON. I like your Coral Reef Album. I like it because it is something I have never seen and your quilt helped me visualize what it must look like in real life.

    • Thank you, Maureen. It’s really nice to hear from a fellow Canadian! 🙂

  31. LJ

    I think I liked Starburst the best because it was intricate and simple. I loved how some of the lines began, were interrupted by other lines, and then continued. Your color choices were perfect. The abstract ran a good race and came in second; it was wonderful seeing you use ‘pieces’ to create. [I was pleased to see that I am not the only one who loves those pieces and mourns over their loss. :(] It is gray and cloudy here in the Midwest of the USA; coral reefs sound like a perfect solution!

  32. Rosemary

    Love the last one. What a great way to use up scraps! I wish I had thought of that before! I usually just recycle leftover scraps. Now I’m going to make a free-form collage. Thanks for the idea!

    • You are welcome, Rosemary. I’m so glad to kow that my abstract was an inspiraton for recycling leftover scraps.
      We quilters can make things out of very little, can’t we? 🙂 Send photos of your collages. I’d love to share them here. 🙂

  33. Rosalind Gutierrez

    My fav is Santa with his back to us because it is not only adorable but is versatile & would be perfect for a quilt, place mats, totes or wall hangings. I live in Arizona, USA.

    • Thank you, Rosalind. It is perfect for other places as well, just as you say. In fact, I used it again on a Christmas Stocking pattern which can be seen on my Craftsy Pattern Page. I plan to redo my Santa quilt pattern and place it on Craftsy later, too. Appreciate your comments!

  34. Tac

    Love all the projects for different reasons. The Starlight design is most appealing right now as I am working on a star/space theme quilt for my grandson. I am from Oregon. Thank you for sharing your designs and the process.

    • Thank you, Tac. Please feel free to send photos of your quilt when done. I’d be happy to share them here. 🙂

  35. Michele T

    I really like the Coral Reef quilt.

  36. Maryellen McAuliffe

    Great job on all of them.

  37. Quilting Tangent

    The star, I like that it is not a typically star. USA.

  38. carol n

    I like Starburst, striking!
    From Northwest PA
    Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you, Carol. It’s good of you and everyone else here to take the time to comment. I appreciate each and every one!

  39. Joan

    Wow,what fun projects you’ve done. Love the Santa quilt and especially love how you quilted up your scraps! It looks fabulous!

    • Thank you, Joan. Your response, along with all of the others are a delight to receive! 🙂

  40. Wow, what fun projects you have done. The Santa quilt is just too cute. Love your idea on quilting up the scraps! Just how fun is that!

    • Thank you, Joan! 🙂 I value your comments as well as all the others. It’s a real help both to know when we are going in the right direction and to inspire future designs. Using the scraps really was fun!

  41. Lori Smanski

    your projects are all wonderful. I really love the Santa quilt. how both you and your husband worked on it. it reminds me so much of so many wonderful Christmas’s past. I am from the USA
    the scrap block is cool. it reminds me of Chicago during rush hour, lol

    • Big smile here! One of our family used to live in Chicago, so yours is a comment that will “hit home”.
      Glad you like all of the projects and especially that one of them brings back good memories.

  42. That Christmas quilt is adorable!

    • Thank you, Pam! It’s very nice and very helpful to receive your thoughts, and those of others, on it. 🙂

  43. carolyn montgomery

    the coral reef album quilt is my favorite; these batiks are so perfect for ocean themed projects.

  44. Patricia Cash

    The Christmas quilt, because I love seeing for Christmas.

    • I love Christmas quilts too, Patricia. Thanks for commenting. Don’t forget your country for the draw, please. 🙂

  45. Lori S.

    Maria – I absolutely love your Santa quilt! I would never have thought of Batiks and Christmas together! Very creative! Thanks!

    • Thank you, Lori. 🙂 Island Batiks can be used in so many places! It will be fun to go on and try many more ideas using them.

  46. I liked them all ty for sharing….But the log cabin like one was my favorite one…Why…. because i have a lot of scraps and its a darn good idea with an old idea…That’s why i love blog hops ….So many ideas…

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment, Anna. 🙂 I love Blog Hops too, for the same reason.
      If you like, send photos of your scrap blocks. I’d like to share some of them here. – Would you like to add what country you are from for the prize draws?

  47. Absolutely delightful. Love all your creations, but particularly excited to see that Starburst come to life with such lovely Island Batik fabrics! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Nan! I am especially appreciative of your inspiration for recreating my Starburst pattern! 🙂

  48. Allison Evrard

    I love the Coral Reef Photo Album the best because I love quilts that depict ocean scenes. Yours is beautiful!

    • I’m glad you like it, Allison. 🙂 Would you like to add where you are from for the prize draws?

  49. bea

    great projects!

  50. Connie Kauffman

    Really creative!

  51. Beautiful projects and your Starburst block is amazing!!

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