Island Batik – Modern Quilt Challenge


What is a Modern Quilt?

I actually find it difficult to decide on what qualifies. The dictionary meaning is, “of, relating to, or characteristic of contemporary styles of art, literature, music, etc., that reject traditionally accepted or sanctioned forms and emphasize individual experimentation and sensibility.” Even so, after looking at images of what qualifies as modern art, the variety and range is wide. In regard to quilts, the best explanation I’ve found so far is that by MQGModern Quilt Guild.

That being said, the Island Batik Modern Quilt Challenge had me making my 4th modern quilt. (More on them below.)

Although I do create and design my own patterns, with my husband’s wealth of art work, I often turn to it. When a theme presents itself, I usually remember something he’s done that will work perfectly and is eagerly awaiting its chance to be made into fabric art. My Island Batik Modern Quilt design is from another of his examples of just “doodling”.

Opening Night

Opening Night

For the horizontal lines in this quilt, I used Island Batik‘s French Roasted precuts strips. However, this time even narrower strips, were needed so I cut them all in half lengthwise. (You can see more of their wonderful precuts here.) The rest of the fabrics used in the quilt top were chosen from their beautiful Seashore Collection. The black border and binding are from their Basics Collection. (When you go to visit Island Batik, don’t forget to click on the small fabric images so you can view larger ones. That way, you get a much better idea of just how gorgeous these fabrics are!)

Opening Night – is another title by quilt-namer extraordinaire, Nan Baker of Purrfect Spots. Isn’t it a much better name than my original idea – Spotlights? (Yes, I knew you’d agree! )

I used EQ to create the pattern. It gives me the choice of printing either paper-pieced patterns or templates. As mentioned in an earlier post, I prefer working with templates.

An interesting thing about this type of modern design – it can be rotated and create somewhat different looks. For example, here is it is  upside down. Hung in this direction, it would need a new name though.

opening-night2Be sure to watch for all the terrific Modern Quilts our Island Batik Ambassadors will be posting this month! I’ll begin listing them below as they appear so do come back and visit again!

The first 2 of my designs – both crib-sized baby quilts – were pubished in The Quilt Pattern Magazine and a 3rd is scheduled to appear in future. Both quilts are quick-and-easy to make when a  baby gift is needed in a hurry or to use for charity quilts. They make use of any leftover, cute, border strips or child prints you may have. If you would like the patterns, you can order back issues.  (Modern Baby #1– August 2014; Modern Baby #2 – January 2015)

Modern Baby #1 by Maria Hrabovsky

Modern Baby #1

Modern Baby #2 by Maria Hrabovsky

Modern Baby #2


Last week, I asked for your votes and recommendations for naming my Island Batik Paper-Pieced Project. My thanks amd appreciation to everyone who left a comment or sent an email – all very good names, too! Look below the photo to see the name that was chosen.


Starry Night


  1. I love this design. enchanting!

    • Thank you, Adele! I love that you think it “enchanting”! What a delightful word to use! 🙂

  2. Nancy

    Love it, Maria!
    Upside down it definitely looks like you are in the Spotlight.

    • Oh, that is very good, Nancy! “In the Spotlight”! I wouldn’t have thought of that. Love it! 🙂

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