Island Batik’s Christmas in July


Christmas-in-JulyIsland Batik’s Christmas in July

We Island Batik Ambassadors were challenged to design for the Christmas in July theme, which is a very popular one. We lucky people were given their absolutely beautiful Holiday Happenings line to work with.

Two unfortunate things have happened while preparing to share my version of Christmas in July.

First is that my two sewing machines, which sit side-by-side on a long surface my husband built for me, must have had a conversation that went something like this. My newer (2001) Bernina Virtuosa 163 said, “Hey, Bernina 930, how about we both lose proper tension together this time around instead of just me? Then you won’t have to be lonely while I’m in for repairs! Great idea, right?” Bernie 930 replied, “Hmmm . . . not a bad idea. I haven’t lost tension since I arrived in 1985 and we’ve both been used constantly. Maybe it’s time for a new experience. Okay, I’ll go along with it.” And, so they did, leaving me with quilting/sewing withdrawal pains while they are in for repairs. They’ll be returning home next week, but sadly, not in time to complete my Christmas in July projects.

The second unfortunate thing was a sudden realization. I didn’t catch on to the fact, way back in February, that we would be doing Christmas in July, so guess what I did?  I made my Santa’s Visit quilt using the beautiful Holiday Happenings fabrics along with others. If you missed it, click on its photo to go back to February’s blog and read all about it. (I hate to say this, but I did the same thing with fabrics for next month’s project. Can you hear me groaning? You can be sure I’ve checked out the themes for the rest of the year!)

Santa's Visit by Maria Hrabovsky

Santa’s Visit by Maria Hrabovsky

As a result, I used up a lot of my lovely Holiday Happenings batik fabrics. This meant I couldn’t do a large project this month. However, I made a smaller and important one! It’s a Kennel Quilt to either remind you, or introduce you to, TQPM‘s (The Quilt Pattern Magazine’s) Kennel Quilt Program – a volunteer organization available when disasters strike to help our animal friends in time of need by doing what we love.

Island Batik is becoming a partner in TQPM’s Kennel Quilt ProgramAt this autumn’s International Quilt Market in Houston, Island Batik will introduce its new, adorable, pet fabric lines! Kennel quilters are sure to love and welcome them, as will all pet lovers! Aurifil Threads will be introducing 2 new thread collections to go with those special new Island Batik fabrics. Island Batik will also be joining  and working with others, including PetFinder, and Bernina, all of whom are supporting this worthy program, each in their own special ways.

My Kennel Quilt was made with the lovely Holiday Happenings fabrics and one of their Neutral Whites. As mentioned, I didn’t get to finish it. The open seam on the right has yet to be closed and the quilting done. Still, you can see just how attractive it is using these wonderful fabrics. Once I have my machines back in working order, I will post the finished version. I will send this Kennel Quilt, along with others I plan to make, to a shelter here in Canada.


Kennel Quilt

Kennel Quilt

With the rest of my Holiday Happenings fabrics, I started making a wall hanging to add to our Christmas decorations come December. This is as far as I got before my machines quit on me. Only the center is finished. Stay tuned! I’ll get it finished next month and post it, too.


Be sure to visit all of our Ambassador’s websites and look for their Christmas in July designs. You’ll find great inspiration and there will be lots of Oohs and Ahhs‎ to be heard! Most have been posted. Keep watch for those who will add theirs soon!


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  1. so fun and clever

  2. Perhaps you should just say that you’re working ahead on your projects? Love them both.

  3. Maria, sorry to hear about your sewing machines conspiring! Love that you did a kennel quilt, I’d like to know more about the program

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