Bunnies and Island Batik Summer Blog Hop

seasidebloghop There are only 2 more days left for this exciting blog hop! If you have missed all or any of the hops along the way, scroll down to my previous post for the schedule. Be sure to visit them all. You won’t want to miss the fantastically creative quilts nor miss out on prizes! (And don’t forget to enter mine!)


Today, I thought I’d share photos of our visiting backyard bunnies. I think you’ll agree that they are very cute and adorable.







  1. Nancy

    Cute. I have been watching our little bunny as he/she/(they) has been growing up. I often see it under the bird feeder, or especially under the corn cob after the squirrels have knocked the kernels off.

    • The bunny explosion in our area started happening a few years ago. Some neighbours complain about them eating their planted vegetables, but for some reason, they didn’t bother ours. They did, however, eat every dandelion in the lawn that first year. The dandelions didn’t stand a chance and we didn’t have to dig any up. Very handy! However, we now see more hawks too – attracted by the bunnies we are told. Our bunnies don’t stay out in the open very long at all.

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