Piece for Shelter Pets


With permission, I am partially quoting from Nan Baker‘s Purrfect Spots Blog:

“October is national Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month and some quilt industry professionals are partnering with the Petfinder Foundation to create awareness of Shelter Dogs (and Cats) that need “ furrever” homes. It is an unusual combination but one that is working beautifully to help our furry friends. These quilters are animal lovers and are helping shelter animals in ways that are new and unique.  So join us in the October Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Monthand see how we are helping and how you can help. We invite you to Piece for Shelter Pets”.”

Of course, there is much more information to read about along with darling photos of pets.

Below, you will find the link to read the rest of Nan’s blog along with the Blog Hop Schedule so you can read the others as they are  posted. You can go back and read those you’ve missed. You’ll want to view the video of Pet Finder‘s celebration and enter to win the Happy Hounds Petfinder Bundle opportunities not to be missed!

Blog Hop Schedule:

10/5 – The Quilt Pattern Magazine/Nan Baker of Purrfect Spots
10/7 – Aurifil 
10/12 – Island Batik
10/14 – Quilty Box (instagram)
10/19 – Benartex 
10/21 – Petfinder Foundation



  1. Donna

    So happy to see this is happening for animal shelters. I once had a kids sewing club to make quilts for our local animal shelter. We had so much fun picking colors and sewing.
    When the pets were adopted, the quilt went home with them.

    • Donna,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment – and kudos to your for your work with the sewing club!
      Kennel quilts go home with adopted pets, too. The pets become quite attached to them and our volunteers enjoy sewing more.
      They are great scrap quilt projects!

  2. Alesha Klein

    Thanks for the care you give.

    • It’s a team effort, Alesha. Our TQPM Kennel Quilt Program has over 900 members now, all contributing before, during, and after disasters.
      Your thanks are appreciated by all the Team! We thank you and appreciate your leaving a comment.

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