Island Batik – Pumpkin Fest


This month’s Island Batik theme, naturally, is Pumpkin Fest.

Some years ago, I was contacted by a distributor of Simply Plaid fabrics. He wanted quilters to see the value of using plaids in prints and asked if I would design some quilts using their fabrics. One of the ones I came up with, I named, A Simply Plaid Halloween.

Since this month’s theme includes pumpkins, I remembered that quilt and immediately wanted to see it in Island Batik‘s wonderful fabrics, so I recreated it. Below, you will see the original and below it, the Island Batik version, with which I am so very pleased!


A Simply Plaid Halloween

I enjoy my husband’s artistic talent, so whenever possible, I use his art work. He likes drawing Halloween pumpkins and ghosts, so I took several of them and arranged them to create this wall hanging. I added the moon, a bat, and autumn leaves.

I just had to see how this design would look in the gorgeous Island Batik fabric lines I was given. I must say that I absolutely love the way it turned out! You may notice just a few, very minor changes to the origianl design – more leaves, for one. Also, in the first one above, I actually cut out those very small ghostly facial features and fused them to the ghosts’ faces. This time, with Island Batik’s Sprinkles, I used a fabric marker to draw them. Those ghosts are cute, aren’t they? The pumpkins and the ghosts look like they are all having fun! I wonder if the bat will frighten them off? You think?

An Island Batik Halloween

An Island Batik Halloween – Click here for the pattern.

All the appliques were fused to the background. I left the edges raw. To quilt the background, I followed the swirls in the fabric. I did the same to the borders following irregular triangular lines in the fabric. Irregular lines seemed just perfect for Halloween.

The fabrics used are a mixture of Island Batik‘s newest, plus some of those used in previous projects. – the leaves, ghosts and borders.  The pumpkins and the background are all from their newest fabric lines. Look for them on their website.


Three of the Pumpkin Fabrics I Used.

My Luscious Island Batik Fabrics

My Luscious Island Batik Fabrics

You won’t want to miss any of the great patterns our Island Batik Ambassadors have created for Pumpkin Fest!  Here’s a list. Be sure to visit them all to see their creations!


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  1. KJ

    Both versions are great.

  2. Maria, The pumpkins and ghost are simply Adorable. Very nice 🙂

    • Adele, on behalf of my husband, whose art they are, thank you! 🙂
      I like seeing his art work in fabric. 🙂

  3. Nice!

  4. Nancy

    Maria, the Island Batiks really shine in your pumpkin patch.

    • Thank you, Nancy. 🙂 I agree that they do – and even more so seen in person.

  5. Super cute quilt! Love how it looks in batik!

  6. Maryellen McAuliffe

    Great job! Thanks so much for sharing the list of #IslandBatikPumpkinFest

    • Thank you, Maryellen! Wouldn’t want anyone to miss all the great designs our Ambassadors have created –
      every one of them worth seeing!

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