Bountiful Harvest – Island Batik

September’s Island Batik theme was Bountiful Harvest and our quilts were to be table toppers. Unfortunately, I missed it because of a problem with my leg that didn’t allow the use of my sewing machine for too long a while. I have finally caught up with that assignment!

I used Island Batik’s Precut Strips to create this Harvest scene. Unusual, I know, but I chose leaves for my Harvest because they are so important and useful.

  • They are like gold to organic gardeners because they provide so many nutrients.
  • Mow over them several times and the results make a good mulch.
  • Use them as a weed barrier when planting.
  • They are fun for children to play with.
  • They make a lovely crunching sound when you walk on them.
  • They are beautiful.
  • They can be added to compost piles.
  • Children can have fun collecting, pressing them (by placing them between the pages of a heavy book for a few days), identifying them, and save them in notebooks – and/or place the leaves between 2sheets of waxed paper and press them briefly with an iron for a few seconds. Allow to cool, then cut them out.

Can you think of more uses and reasons for appreciation? Leave a comment with your suggestions, please.

Starting from the top of my runner, the first strip, to my mind, was just perfect for a wonderful evening sky. The next provided the forest that dropped all those leaves into the meadow below. Island Batik’s Precut Strips are not only beautiful, they are very hand to work with. The leaves were raw-edge appliqued and I used a variety of fabrics from a variety of Island Batik fabric lines. I had fun creating it!

Bountiful Harvest




  1. R.C. Pelliccione

    ‘Bountiful Harvest’

    Beautiful colours, especially nice for Fall. Like the three sections, particularly the leaves.

    • I am so happily surprised to find your comment on “Bountiful Harvest”! Thank you, Celeste! 🙂

  2. Love the quilt, Maria. You are always so creative. When I think of leaves, I think of my little dog who loves playing in and with them. I also think of having to clean them up when she brings them into the house on her Velcro hair.

    • Thank you, Anna! 🙂 I can just picture your little dog playing in them and having way too much fun! Isn’t she lucky that you hove her and patiently remove those leaves? Yes, she most definitely is!

  3. Maryellen McAuliffe

    Fun, and I like your list of why leaves are great. I especially like crunchy leaves to walk on. Thanks.

  4. Patricia

    Love what you are doing. No suggestion, not good at that.

    • Thank you for taking the time to let me know, Patricia! It is not only gratifying, but helps tremendously in knowing I’m going in the right directions.

  5. Love it!

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