Fold and Sew Quilts

Square in a Square - made by Maria HrabovskySquare in a Square Quilt – made by Maria Hrabovsky

Recently, I came across this wonderful Fold-and-Sew method of making a Square in a Square quilt block quickly and easily. At the time, I was looking for a good pattern to use for a quilt to be given to my cousin for her birthday. The design, and especially the method, appealed to me very much. I had found my pattern! And, as if this one pattern wasn’t enough, many other blocks can be made using this method. Be sure to watch the video below and view them all! It will get your creative juices flowing!

There is some of what might be considered fabric waste with this method because the smaller square is a two-layer fabric area. However, if that concerns you, it’s easy enough to carefully cut away that second layer (being sure to leave ¼-inch seams and not to cut the top quilt layer). You’ll then have a set of 4-inch squares to use elsewhere.

I wanted to hang the quilt to take a better photo, but at the time, our Christmas decorations were still up. My husband loves decorating for Christmas and rarely leaves an inch of wall space undecorated – so, nowhere to hang it. I spread it out and did the best I could. My cousin’s favourite colour is green, so the quilt is all in greens. These beautiful greens are from various Island Batik‘s fabric lines – fabrics that Island Batik had sent me during the last 2 years when I was privileged to be an Island Batik Ambassador.

This Fold-and-Sew method adapts itself to other quilt designs too, so be sure to watch the video!

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