Correction! – Quilter’s Cutting Guide!

My profuse apologies to Deborah Rubles, her Quilter’s Cutting Guide and all of our readers for the inexplicable error I made yesterday!

In my blog about Deborah’s wonderful Protective Guides and Ruler Holders, I inadvertently, and without realizing it, changed Quilter’s Cutting Guide to Quilter’s Cutting “Edge” in a few places! Don’t ask me why. I have no explanation whatsoever. I’m very sorry!

I have made the corrections, so when you go back and look at it, if you don’t see them, click on “refresh” or “reload” to update the web page with my thanks for doing so.


  1. This is so nice of you to make the whole new post just to apologize. You are really a very nice person, that is why I am loyal to your blog 🙂 Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you kindly! I appreciate your taking the time to leave such a pleasing comment. 🙂

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