Introducing . . .

The Newest Member of Our Family

He hasn’t actually arrived yet, though. He will on December 13th and we are greatly excited and looking forward to being first-time pet owners, especially of this cutie! He will be 10 weeks old then and is a male Standard Poodle.

Our dear daughter-in-law Monica’s mother Kathy, an experienced dog lover and owner, suggested I blog about our puppy and our experience as new pet owners. I wouldn’t have thought of it. So glad she suggested it! It will be fun.

No name for the pup yet. We are going to wait a few days after he arrives so he can tell us what he wants to be called. I’m sure he’ll indicate it in one way or another.

All you dog lovers and owners, do chime in and leave comments about your experience and advice too of course.


  1. Oh hooray! You are in for such love.

    • Can’t wait for all that love! I’ve seen it and can finally experience it. – Have never had one because of allergies, but when our son and family brought their Standard Poodle with them to visit for a week, we were fine. Yay!

  2. Barbara Buck

    Congrats on your new little addition. I am an avid dog lover and we have had a dog all our married life…50 years! My husband said all our dogs should have been named “Little Shit” as that is what I called each of them when they got into mischief. I guess my advice is love, patience and consistency. Be prepared to fall in love with him more than you ever can imagine. Looking forward to more news about the precious puppy!

    • Your husband has quite the sense of humour. Thank you for the advice. We’ll definitely be doing those things! I’m sure we’ll fall head over heels, as they say. 🙂

  3. cheryl martin

    you could drop the ” little ” and just call him Dumpling. Why not?

    • True! I was thinking it might not be a good name for when he is full grown, but you are right. I don’t see why not. I’ll add it to the list. 🙂

  4. cheryl martin

    Hi Maria, your puppy is beyond cute…what a little dumpling! I’m so excited for you.

    • Thank you, Cheryl. “Little Dumpling describes him perfectly. 🙂
      Hmmmm… Should I add “Dumpling” to the list of names my husband will choose from? Perfect for a pup, but I guess not for a full-grown Standard Poodle. Tempting though!

  5. Diane Felice

    Oh he is SO cute!! You will love having him around, will keep you both hopping to begin with! I don’t have any pets right now but often keep my “grand-dog” when his family goes out of town for a couple days.
    Have fun and let us hear how he’s (and you) are doing!!

    • Thank you, Diane! I’m so glad to find your comment here. Had lost your email address. Will catch up with you soon. – I will let you know how the pup and the 2 of us are doing through the blog. Should be fun!

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