Northern Woods Blog Hop – Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Northern Woods Blog Hop!

On Day 1 you visited Nan Baker‘s Purrfect Spots, but even before that Island Batik featured Nan in their blog. –  These beautiful Northern Woods fabrics are Nan’s Signature Collection designed by Kathy Engle for Island Batik.

I’m sure you enjoyed reading about Molly Bear in Nan Baker’s Northern Woods Story on Monday. There is more to that story!  Once, during their long winter hybernation, the bears awakened, ambled over to their cave entrance, looked out and saw rainbow colours everywhere. What a beautiful scene it was! How did this happen? Well, the ice crystals covering all the trees and bushes acted as Prisms which create the various colours that make up visible light!

Prisms by Maria Michaels Designs

                Prisms by Maria Michaels Designs

When I received my collection of these beautiful Northern Woods fabrics along with coordinating Aurifil Threads, I spent a lot of time looking at and appreciating both. After looking at them repeatedly, an idea came to me. I remembered one of my husband’s geometric designs and thought it would be a perfect one for these fabrics – and that’s how my Prisms pattern came into being.

If you attended Quilt Market in Houston last fall, you may have met Nan at Island Batik‘s booth where she displayed her outstanding designs made with her signature collection and those of her quilting friends, Margaret Willingham, Karen Overton, and myself, Maria Hrabovsky.  To view the outstanding quilts made by all four of us, be sure to visit Nan’s blog, Purrfect Spots.

I have been using Island Batik‘s gorgeous fabrics and Aurifil‘s absolutely wonderful cotton quilting threads for at least 4 years now and am loving both. I especially enjoy matching Aurifil‘s variegated threads to the wonderful colours in the batiks I use. Those who have been following my blog have seen the quilts I’ve made using both. If you happen to be a new follower, be sure to scroll on down to earlier posts and see them all!

I was, and still am, honoured to have been included among this great group of quilters/designers and to use those luscious fabrics and threads to create a quilt with them. It’s always a privilege to have a quilt on display at Quilt Market!

In looking at my Northern Woods fabrics again, I was inspired to create another wall-size quilt. It’s still a WIP (work in progress) and was inspired by 2 of my husband’s interesting water colours, which I call whimsical. Everyone who sees them comments on how much they like both. His evergreens come in blues, reds, oranges, etc.  What would normally be a sky colour background is yellow in his and what would be ground areas include other unusual colour choices. I’ve combined and used ideas from both to create what for now I am calling, Within The Northern Woods. This is my rough beginning. There is more to add and perhaps change. I am using fusible appliqué for the trees and although they hold to the fabric, they can still be moved until I iron them. (Since taking the photo last night, I have already swiched the evergreen on the top left with the yellowy one near the bottom right.) The safety pins are holding the 3 quilt layers together because this way I can stitch the appliques and do my quilting all at once. The lighting wasn’t good so I’ll take a better photo later. You can, at least, get an idea of it with this photo.

What do you think? Is this worth continuing to work on? Subscribe or continue visiting my Maria’s Quilt Scraps to  see how this quilt plan ends.

What will you make with this gorgeous fabric line? Be sure to ask for it at your local quilt shop or favourite online quilt store.

There are 2 chances to win.
1. Comment on my WIP and its name. (You may have a better one!)
2. Leave your comments on any topic above.

At the end of this Blog Hop I will assign 2 sets of numbers – one for comments on my WIP and another for every other comment received. A random number generator will be used to choose the 2 winners.

Comments will be accepted until midnight EDT on April 21st.
Winners will be announeced on the 22nd or 23rd.

The Prizes:

1. Your choice of any one pattern being sold on my Craftsy sale page .
2.Win a Northern Woods Fabric Bundle! Visit Island Batik to win!

If you missed the start of this Blog Hop, be sure to go back and catch up! Watch for Karen Overton‘s blog tomorrow!

Hop Schedule
Island Batik: Northern Woods Blog
April 16: Nan Baker  –  Purrfect Spots
April 17: Margaret Willingham  –   Eye of the Beholder 
April 18: Maria Hrabovsky  –   Maria’s Quilt Scraps
April 19: Karen Overton  –   The Quilt Rambler
April 20: Tina Dillard  –  Quilting Affection Designs
April 21: Joan Kawano  –  MooseStash Quilting

















  1. Joan

    Love the design and of course the fabrics. They are the best!

  2. Christi

    Names are so personal if you like it it works for me. I might call it Shiny Forest but that’s me. I would use the collection to make a fall runner. Love your Prisms Quilt.

    • Shiny Forest is a nice name, too. If you make the fall runner, please share a photo and I’ll post it here. – So glad you like Prisms! 🙂

  3. Quilting Tangent

    Pretty Prisms.

  4. Anna brown

    Wow I so love the way you did the pine trees never seen them like that too cool…

    • I must confess that I’ve never seen trees like these either – well, except in my husband’s whimsical art pieces, of course. So glad you like them!

  5. Anne S

    Maria, the prism quilt is fabulous. Looks rather like falling arrows but that fabric makes those prisms “pop”. Your WIP is looking wonderful, so serene and calm.
    Will return to see the finished project. What fun you are having.

    • Thank you for all of your smile-causing comments, Anna! – You are right. I am definitely having fun. All of us working with Nan and her Signature Collection are. 🙂

  6. Nicole Sender

    Prisms is a great pattern. I’d like to make a quilt out of the Northern Woods batik fabric.

    • Thank you, Nicole! So glad you like Prisms! Be sure to go to the Island Batik link and enter to win a bundle of the Northern Woods fabrics!

  7. Nicole Sender

    I like what you have named for your WIP. I’m interested in seeing what your finished wall-sized quilt will look like. It is outstanding at this point.

    • Thanks again, Nicole. 🙂 My WIP design is finished now. Will post a photo soon. I’m looking forward to adding some free-motion embroidery to it soon and to completing it.

  8. KJ

    Prisms is gorgeous. And I love your WIP too. So nice that it was inspired by your husbands watercolours. I do hope you turn it into a finished quilt.

    • Thank you so much, KJ! With the comments I am receiving, I will definitely finish this quilt and post it here when done. –
      I am very fortunate to have an artist husband whose works inspire me! Very glad that you like Prisms too!

  9. Melody Lutz

    I’m thinking…Peaceful Woods!

    • That’s a good name too, Melody. Thank you for suggesting it. Will make the final name decision come Sunday.

  10. Sharon Aurora

    I enjoyed you addition to the Northern Woods Story. That put in my mind a very pretty picture.

    • So glad that you imagined the picture of it. I rather like it, too. 🙂 Thank you!

  11. Sharon Aurora

    I love love LOVE your WIP! That’s my kind of quilt. And the name Within The Northern Woods is very fitting. I can’t think of a better name.

    • Thank you, Sharon! You have put a big smile on my face! 🙂 So glad you like my WIP and its name! I think I’ve finished with the design. My plan is to start on the applique and quilting soon.

  12. Nan

    Love both of your gorgeous quilts and I like the name “Within the Northern Woods” just because!!!! Can’t wait to see it finished. Now do you have any little critters wandering around within the Northern Woods!
    Thank you for turning my collection into two beautiful masterpieces!

    • Thank you, Nan! So glad that you like both and the name as well, of course. – So far, no little critters wandering around. Had thought of it, but have gone no further with that idea yet. – Creating with your beautiful collection is a real pleasure! I’m fortunate to have this opportunity working with them, and even more fortunate that you like them! 🙂

  13. Allison Evrard

    Both Prisms and your WIP are beautiful! Most definitely continue working on your WIP. It reminds me of our woods in PA in late autumn so that’s my suggestion for a name “Late Autumn Woods.”

    • Thank you, Allison! I like “Late Autumn Woods” and that my WIP reminds you of them.
      The only times I had chances to be in PA were in summer so I never did see your autumn beauties.

  14. Nancy N

    Definitely continue to work on Within the Northern Woods.

  15. Love your Prisms quilt, Maria – very striking!

  16. Midge Kincaid

    I like Within Northern Woods.” Outstanding use of colors. Completely different and surprising scene. I wish I’d thought of this idea. Would like to see it finished. I’ve tried to think of another name but yours seems best because I think you had to “be there” to see the colors work so well. My feeble suggestion: “Fantasia.”

    I’d like to use the collection to make a fall bedrunner for our mountain retreat. It would be perfect in our lake setting.

    • Thank you, Midge! My plan is to continue working on this quilt next week as I have another quilt gift deadline to get back to finishing first. “Fantasia” isn’t at all feeble! In fact, my husband suggested “Avatar” because this reminds him of the hanging gardens in the movie. – I’d very much like to see your fall bedrunner when the time comes!

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