World UFO Day – Today, June 2nd

At our TQPM staff meeting this morning, our Technical Editor, Nancy Noah, brought up the interesting fact that today is World UFO Day. Of course, as she said, the day is dedicated to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects. However, as Nancy, pointed out, we quilters have our own versions of UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I have a few too many right now, all waiting in line to be completed.

Just one of them is a quilt top I’ve put together with the fabric scraps given me by my local chapter of Project Linus (Canada) to make quilts for children. For those of you in the U.S., click here for your Project Linus website.

With a garbage bag filled with unrelated prints and colours, I am finding making these quilts quite a challenge and fun, too. As you can see below, among them I had solid red fabrics and orange striped which, to my mind, couldn’t possible work together. Then, further down in the bag, I found a variety of fabric scraps which seen to be Hawaiian prints. There are parrots, fruits, flowers, and a tiny image of a woman in a grass skirt dancing  the hula. Since there were some reds and oranges in those prints, I thought I could use the solid red and orange-striped fabric with them. This is the quilt top I made with them – which definitely qualifies as a UFO since it has yet to be layered and quilted and have the binding applied.

I still have some of the orange-striped fabric and some prints left so will use them when making the quilt back.

UFO for Project Linus

UFO for Project Linus

As Project Linus Volunteers make quilts for children ranging from birth to 17 years old, do you think this will suit? I will truly appreciate your comments!

If you are interested in making blankets and quilts for Project Linus, click on either of the links above. If you aren’t a quilter, you can knit or crochet blankets, too. You will also find free patterns on both sites.

Two years ago, as an Island Batik Ambassador, we made quilts for charitable purposes with their gorgeous batiks. If you would like to see those that I made back then, click here.

Just one other of my UFOs is a quilt I showed in progress last April is still waiting to be finished – Within the Northern Woods. The design is now finished. If you look closely, you’ll find the section added after that blog post. Hope to get back to that one soon!

Searching for UFOs!

The Quilt Pattern Magazine (TQPM) is searching for UFOs.
The search will take place from July 15 to the 21st.  For all the information and to join in, click here.






  1. Nancy N

    I do not need to look to far to see UFOs at my house.
    Remember, red and orange are right next to each other in the rainbow, can’t get any better acclamation than that (remember the source of the rainbow).
    I am sure some child will love the bright bold colors in your top. That orange strip would make a good binding too.

    • First, thank you very much for the inspiration for this blog post, Nancy! – I use rainbow colours so often that I don’t know why I didn’t think of it this time! Looking at those 2 fabrics, they just didn’t seem to go together. – Would have loved the orange stripe for the binding but just had enough for the blocks and one or 2 left which, as mentioned, I’ll use on the back. I particularly like cutting striped fabrics on the diagonal to use in bindings. – Especially glad that you think a child will like the bold colours! 🙂

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