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Baby Dresden

Baby Dresden for Project Linus

In an earlier post, I mentioned having been asked to make some quilts for Project Linus from fabric pieces and scraps that had been donated. That was over a year ago and although I completed some before the end of 2017, other deadlines prevented me from continuing. I finally got back to  it again last month.

At first, my intent was to complete each quilt as I went along, but then decided on a kind of assembly-line method. This means that I am making all of the quilt tops first. When all the fabrics have been used up, I’ll start preparing the backs, then making the quilt sandwiches and pinning them all together ready to quilt. Once quilted, I’ll start on the bindings and as each one is done, I’ll post it here.

This first one – Baby Dresden – was not made from donated fabrics. Some months ago, I posted a photo of a Dresden Plate baby quilt I had made as a gift. Two plates were left from that project so used one to make the baby quilt shown and will make another soon. I used leftover strips to make the binding.

This is the first time I used ruler work for quilting. Stitched many of the lines that way, one on each side of the plate points. Then, I switched to the quarter-inch foot to add the rest. The silvery buttons you see in the corners are not a part of the quilt. They are magnets. Because I had no place to hang the quilt indoors, I attached it to our garage door with them.

I’m pleased with the quilting. What do you think?


  1. I have recently “gifted quilts to 2 of my cousins who are both battling breast cancer at this time. We dont see each other often maybe once a year or less. Both were so overwhelmed and touched by this gift. It was amazing to me their gratitude as I make quilts for the enjoyment of working with fabric and am so pleased when people actually want them. I do keep a few throw/lap quilts on hand for just this reason. I love to see others enjoy my quilts but do always worry that the quilts may not be to their liking.

    • It was good of you to make your cousins quilts. Bless you! – I’m glad to know that they expressed their appreciation.
      I think that somehow, because we have taken the time and made the effort, along with the fact that it means we have been thinking of them, those who receive them are going to find them to their liking. They bring joy. – Plus, this is just another example of how we cannot give without also receiving. – Thank you very much for sharing this with us. I hope and pray that your cousins’ battles will soon be won!

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