Christmas RAPPing – Book Review

Christmas RAPping by Margaret Brewster Willingham & Nan

Christmas RAPPing by Margaret Brewster Willingham &
Nan Baker

This is a book that all quilters who love Christmas and making the special decorations that we love and cherish through the years and are passed down through generations who will treasure them.

The book has 96 pages filled with colour, lovely designs, and all the directions needed. It starts with General Sewing and Quilting Information, followed by General Techniques for Reverse Appliqué by both hand and machine, followed by General Directions for Paper Piecing.

Next comes the exciting part – the Patterns! There are a variety of them and in a variety of sizes too, so you’ll find something for everyone! Here are just 3 samples to whet your quilting appetite:

Mini-Star of Wonder Ornaments

Mini-Star of Wonder Ornaments

These 2 sets of Mini-Star of Wonder Ornaments will be fun and quick to make from your scrap fabrics as will the Tree Top Star Ornaments.  And yes, that Wondrous Light Tree Skirt pattern is also included!

Here are 2 more patterns, one which will add to your decor and the other keep you snuggly and warm. Perfect for those chilly nights enjoying time at home with your family or a good book!

Radiant Wreath Wall-Hanging

Radiant Wreath Wall-Hanging and Radiant Christmas Quilt

This next one helps us remember and to celebrate what Christmas is all about.

Miracle at the Manger

Miracle at the Manger

These are just a few of the Christmas Quilts you will find in Nan and Margaret’s special book.
Click here to order one. You will have time to make the smaller projects for this Christmas, then enjoy making the others throughout 2019 so you’ll be perfectly ready for next year’s celebration!

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