Making a Baby Quilt – Step 3: Appliqué Block #1

Tulip Trio - by Maria from Kay Mackenzie's “Easy Appliqué Blocks”

Tulip Trio - by Maria from Kay Mackenzie's “Easy Appliqué Blocks”

In between other projects, I have finally started on the quilt blocks from Kay’s book with her “Tulip Trio”. (I love tulips!) My challenge is to choose all of the fabrics from my stash and make them work together. I should really plan out the colour scheme ahead of time, but instead am “winging it” which is one of my tendencies when quilting. Not always though – I do take time to design every detail of many of my quilts first.

The method I’m using is similar to paper piecing. Using a window as a light box, I traced the tulip pattern onto the back of my block with a mechanical pencil. Then I pinned the green fabric to the right side and sewed from the back side along the traced lines for the stems and leaves. Then I cut away the excess green fabric (using appliqué scissors) and went on to do the three tulips in the same way.

At this point the edges are all raw. I will either cover them with a satin stitch or choose an appropriate decorative stitch, but not yet. That step won’t happen until my quilt sandwich has been made. This eliminates the need for stabilizers and the stitches become part of the quilting.

The background fabric for the Tulip Trio is a white on white pattern of small roses with vines and leaves. Unfortunately, though I took numerous photos, I could not get them to show up.

Click here to read about Kay’s book or to buy it.


  1. I’m glad you like it, Kay. I learned this method years ago when taking a class for sewing children’s clothing. With the white background fabric, I can trace the design directly onto it but with most fabrics that’s not possible. In that case I trace it on a tear away stabilizer and pin that to the back of my fabric.


  2. Love it!!

    And thanks for the explanation of this machine appliqué method. Another one for the bag of tricks!


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