Making a Baby Quilt – Step 3: Appliqué Block #2

Cat Block - by Maria from Kay Mackenzie's “Easy Appliqué Blocks”

Cat Block - by Maria from Kay Mackenzie's “Easy Appliqué Blocks”

An entire month has gone by since I made the first block! Time passes much too quickly, but that’s not the reason for the delay. An August storm caused us problems which I’ve described in another section which will be filed under Miscellaneous.

I didn’t do quite as well with this appliqué. It’s puffy instead of flat. Rather than doing the frog stitch – which is a little late now that it’s trimmed – I may cut into the back and add a little batting for a Trapunto look. I may also decide that I like that puffy look and leave it just the way it is. I always seem to need to let problems “percolate” in my subconscious for a while, after which a decision will pop into my mind.

It’s such fun going through my fabric scraps and stash choosing fabrics for each block. I particularly like this one for the cat. Although it doesn’t show well in the photo, it has little lines in it that make it look like cat fur.

I’ve begun the third block and hope to show it next week.

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