Email Warning

Unfortunately, dreadfully, and irritatingly, our two websites – Maria Michaels Designs and Quilts for Sale – have both been targeted by spammers who have copied our email addresses. Many of them contain little boxes with an X in them to click on and/or other links. Clicking on these is sure to invite virus downloads and/or enable computer hacking/identity theft. Please don’t click on anything in them and don’t respond to them. Just delete them.

Please be very careful if you happen to be the recipients of email messages that look to come from us. Watch out for these subject lines (and variations) on them:

    Delivery Status Notification
    Discount ID_8345 (or other numbers)
    Doctor Crystal (and/or other names)
    Dr. Jarrod or Salvador or . . . .
    February 79% Off (and/or other months & percentages)
    File Not Found
    I found your private info in my mailbox
    Important Information
    Message 95352 (or other numbers)
    RE: kd.MedHelp 3416157 (letters and numbers will vary)
    Re: Order Status
    Sales Receipt
    Save an extra 20% (or something similar)
    Your neighbor sent us your video
    Your Order
    Plus . . . . pornographic subjects, viagra, political innuendoes, etc., etc., etc., and more likely to come.

These are the email addresses they’ve been copying and using:

    maria.michaels.designs@. . . . .
    info@mariamichaelsdesigns. . . .
    newsletter@mariamichaelsdesigns . . . .
    maria.h@. . . .
    info@quiltsforsale. . . .
    webmaster@mariamichaelsdesigns. . . .

From Maria Michaels Designs, I only send you messages to announce that another newsletter is ready to view and to announce that new patterns have been developed – and those come to you from Yaho so I think it will be easy enough for you to spot my real email from the frauds. The subject lines and the contents will always give you the necessary clues. The same applies to my messages from Quilts for Sale.
I have looked into this problem and apparently, and unfortunately, there is nothing that I can do about it.

Soon, I’ll stop using those newsletters as my blogs will be taking their place. I’ll let you know when I send out the last ones.

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