usMaria Michaels Designs is a partnership between my husband, Michael, and me, Maria. Michael is the artist in the family and is a former high school teacher of several subjects including Art. I am quilter and a former elementary school teacher. I taught art to my students and for a year or so, Michael and I teamed up at the Y to teach arts and crafts to children ranging in age from kindergarten through grade eight.

My mother told me that I asked for a needle and thread at the age of two so she gave me both along with a scrap of fabric and I sat contentedly “sewing.” It’s fun to tell people that I started sewing at that tender age.

I began quilting in 1985 after watching Georgia Bonesteel’s Lap Quilting series on WNED-TV from Buffalo. Several years ago I suddenly realized that a great deal of my husband’s art work would make wonderful quilt patterns either used just as they were or changed somewhat according to my own interpretations. That’s how Maria Michaels Designs was born.

I started developing patterns and learned to create websites and one year later, in January of 2002, Maria Michaels Designs appeared online.

Soon afterwards I thought it would be fun to start a newsletter. My first one was published in June of that same year. It was a simple email message telling about our website and including some information about quilting. It grew longer and I wanted to include photos so in the following year I began posting newsletters on my website and sending out email announcements to let subscribers know when an issue was ready.

At first, I was able to produce a newsletter every month, but as I expanded the content to include features on other quilters and quilt designers, book and tool reviews, and more, it became increasingly difficult to find the time. It had to become a bimonthly newsletter. Last year, I found even that a challenge. With the help of friend and quilt designer, Kay Mackenzie I finally understood that a blog was the answer. Instead of spending a week or so producing a full, several pages long issue, I can add to it on a regular basis and keep it current.

My thanks and appreciation to both Kay Mackenzie of Quilt Puppy and Cindy of Quilt Campus for answering all my questions about blogging and for their help in getting started!

I think this will serve my readers even better, so here it is – the Maria Michaels Designs Blog named “Maria’s Quilt Scraps” because it will contain bits and pieces about quilting – written by me, Maria


  1. Edna summers

    Hi, Maria was thinking if you today and have lost all info on you we’ve moved hope all is well with you cant find a direct contact for you. Edna

    • Hello Edna! I’m so glad that you got in touch! Have been thinking of you. Will email you immediately.
      Thanks for looking in here.

  2. Chris Welch

    Hi I love your Christmas quilt featured in Canadian Quilter Winter 2007. please please tell me there is a pattern for it, I would love to make it,unfortunately the pattern page has disappeared and as usual no one in our group knows where it went. Thanks Chris

    • Hi Chris.

      I’m so very pleased that you like my pattern! Yes, it is still available. My site is undergoing reconstruction just now, so I will email you about this tomorrow.

      Best wishes,


  3. dan

    I was searching for crocus cloth and was wondering if you still have it available?
    Thanks very much,

  4. Yes, Daphne. I’ll soon have then in the BerninaThirtySomethings Yahoo group’s files and replace them online on my other web site.

  5. Yes, Lady Gem. I check in a minimum of 4 times daily. The answer to your question has been posted at the QuiltCampus Forum. 🙂


  6. Are you checking the class board at all Sweetie?

  7. Leslie,

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy blogging. Let me know when you get started. I agree that the indications of our passions show up at very tender ages. I suppose we must apply the saying, “Better late than never.” 🙂


  8. Maria,

    I’ve been thinking about blogging myself! I must take the plunge.
    I love the story from your Mom; I think that artists of all types started young. The younger generations now have the enviable ability to start their “passion” careers right out of school; not much later in life as we did. If only….!


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