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Gumroad.com, the merchant account that TQPM uses to handle EU subscriptions, is donating all proceeds from today’s sales (September 27th) to Unicef Hurricane Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico. This means their portion of TQPM subscriptions sold will help those in need. Even though TQPM uses Gumroad.com for EU subscribers, anyone can purchase a TQPM subscription through them.

Here is the announcement TQPM received from Gumroad.com yesterday.

If you would like to help out, you need to act today! You can subscribe at https://gum.co/KKVPs

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Correction! – Quilter’s Cutting Guide!

My profuse apologies to Deborah Rubles, her Quilter’s Cutting Guide and all of our readers for the inexplicable error I made yesterday!

In my blog about Deborah’s wonderful Protective Guides and Ruler Holders, I inadvertently, and without realizing it, changed Quilter’s Cutting Guide to Quilter’s Cutting “Edge” in a few places! Don’t ask me why. I have no explanation whatsoever. I’m very sorry!

I have made the corrections, so when you go back and look at it, if you don’t see them, click on “refresh” or “reload” to update the web page with my thanks for doing so.

Protective Guards & Ruler Holders – Great for Quilters!

Deborah Rubles of Quilter’s Cutting Guide offers 2 wonderful tools for quilters – her Protective Guides and her Ruler Holders!

Both are truly quality items! Now that I’ve tried them, I wouldn’t be without the Protective Guides or the Ruler Holder! They adhere nicely and easily to our rulers. They protect our hands when using our rotary cutters and will work for both left and right-handed quilters. They are clear so see-through, therefore there is no obscuring of ruler lines. They come in several sizes and make picking up our rulers easy, too. You can see mine, below. – The brown areas are the adhesive strips waiting to be removed. I tried taking photos of them actually on my rulers but get too much glare, unfortunately.

Protective Guards at Quilter's Cutting Edge

Protective Guards at Quilter’s Cutting Guide

The stands are beautifully crafted! They are perfect for holding my rulers (and yours) and come in several sizes. Mine is the largest. I found it difficult to take good photos because of light glare on the plastic, but this will give you an idea. Also because of the glare, it’s hard to see any of the protective guards on them. However, if you will click on either image or the following link you will be taken to the Quilter’s Cutting Edge website where you can learn more about these handy, useful tools and others, too.

Ruler Holders at Quilter’s Cutting Guide

Shocking! – And Spring, Too.

Shocking! Yes, I must confess to being shocked. I had no idea how long it has been since my last blog post nor how infrequently I have posted this year!

As an Island Batik Ambassador the past 2 years (ending in February), I posted at least monthly. Since then, and still busier than ever, the time has fled by without my realizing just how much time had passed in regard to blogging.

I will make sure to get back to it at least once weekly, if not more often.  Thank you readers, for staying with me!

Last spring, our lilacs bloomed beautifully, so I’ll start with some of the photos I had taken with the intention of sharing them here. Bit by bit, I’ll continue catching up.

Aren’t lilacs beautiful?  What is your favourite spring-blooming bush? I look forward to your comments!

Join These Talented Young Ones! Subscribe to their YouTube Channel! I have!

Carrots! – Just On Time For Easter!

Ameroonie Designs Fabric Carrot Tutorial

I am absolutely delighted to have found Ameroonie Designs and you will be, too!

Here is just one example of what you will discover on Amy Chappell’s Blog. Of course, you’ll find much more, so be sure to click on her link!

Don’t you just love her fabric carrots?  The best thing is that they are quick and simple to make – and most especially, there is still time to make them before Easter!

I plan to make some and will show them here later. We will also leave some carrots out for the bunnies who keep visiting our back yard – not Amy’s though. Those are ours! The bunnies will get the real thing.

Have fun making your carrots! Send me photos of  yours, too,  and I’ll be very happy to display them here.

Happy Easter!

Fold and Sew Quilts

Square in a Square - made by Maria HrabovskySquare in a Square Quilt – made by Maria Hrabovsky

Recently, I came across this wonderful Fold-and-Sew method of making a Square in a Square quilt block quickly and easily. At the time, I was looking for a good pattern to use for a quilt to be given to my cousin for her birthday. The design, and especially the method, appealed to me very much. I had found my pattern! And, as if this one pattern wasn’t enough, many other blocks can be made using this method. Be sure to watch the video below and view them all! It will get your creative juices flowing!

There is some of what might be considered fabric waste with this method because the smaller square is a two-layer fabric area. However, if that concerns you, it’s easy enough to carefully cut away that second layer (being sure to leave ¼-inch seams and not to cut the top quilt layer). You’ll then have a set of 4-inch squares to use elsewhere.

I wanted to hang the quilt to take a better photo, but at the time, our Christmas decorations were still up. My husband loves decorating for Christmas and rarely leaves an inch of wall space undecorated – so, nowhere to hang it. I spread it out and did the best I could. My cousin’s favourite colour is green, so the quilt is all in greens. These beautiful greens are from various Island Batik‘s fabric lines – fabrics that Island Batik had sent me during the last 2 years when I was privileged to be an Island Batik Ambassador.

This Fold-and-Sew method adapts itself to other quilt designs too, so be sure to watch the video!

Yesterday’s Weather

We really do need to be careful what we wish for. Many were hoping it wouldn’t snow yesterday. We got ice instead. Despite its beauty if you were on the inside looking out, snow would have been preferable and less dangerous!


And the Winners Are!

Drum Roll! . . .

Winners of the Island Batik New Beginings
Blog Hop:

Beth T.

Judi D

Rachell R.

Congratulations Beth, Judi and Rachell!

I’ll be emailing you soon about claiming your free, one-year subscription to
The Quilt Pattern Magazine! You are going to love it!

My Goodbye As An Island Batik Ambassador

Today (February 1st) is the last day of my 2 years as an Island Batik Ambassador.
It has been a wonderful opportunity! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the other Ambassadors and the challenges of creating new designs regularly – and of course, working with the absolutely beautiful Island Batik Fabrics! Who wouldn’t love all of that?

The monthly challenges this past year had me pushing my boundaries and coming up with designs I wouldn’t have otherwise. That was very special! I can’t praise Island Batik enough along with Katie Laughridge and Elizabeth Lynn Phillips who – to give you  just a few examples –  took care of us, inspired us, created our challenges, and sent us our fabrics. Two wonderful and very special women!

I would dearly have loved to stay on longer (had I been accepted), but there are other things I must get to, tasks to complete, and new adventures to move on to. One of my new ones will be starting to teach piano lessons next week. (I’m excited about that!) I’m also looking forward to making quilts for Project Linus and contributing to The Quilt Pattern Magazine‘s Kennel Quilts more often than I’ve previously had time for. (I already have 20 tops ready to turn into Kennel Quilts.) Of course, I’ll continue blogging here and on my Quilts for Sale Blog, too. Lots to do! Always!

I hope you’ll all keep visiting, reading, subscribing,  and commenting too! I look forward to hearing from you.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings is the perfect theme for this first month in a New Year! As all of you who have been following our Island Batik Blog Hop already know, we Ambassadors were assigned and challenged with this theme. (If you haven’t been following go back and visit each stop on the blog. You won’t want to miss any of it, nor the prizes. Look for the schedule and prizes down below.) Each of us has specific Island Batik fabric lines to use along with our choices of other Island Batik fabrics. Mine is Gone Fishin‘.  These are the fabrics from that line which I received. There are more in this line so be sure to click on any of these fabric photos to visit Island Batik and view them all.

Gone Fishin'- Set 1

Gone Fishin’ 


Gone Fishin' - Set 2

More from Gone Fishin’


Gone Fishin' - Set 3

And Even More from Gone Fishin’ 

Obviously, I could have created a quilt with a fishing theme, which would have made perfect sense. However, one of my earlier Island Batik quilt designs was “Under the Sea” and although a quilt with a father introducing his son or daughter to fishing would have been ideal, I preferred trying something different. Instead, what came to mind was a memory of beginning friendships. The summer I turned 5, my family moved to a different city. I quickly met a boy my age who lived just 3 houses up the street and we became fast friends. That reminded me of a silhouette I had once seen and fallen in love with – one that would suit the theme perfectly. It can be found in many places online, but unfortunately has been copied and posted without the required credits and copyright information. I spent a long time searching for the missing information and finally, and thankfully, discovered one image which included the artist’s name. With a further search, I found its talented artist and designer – Viktoriya Yakubouskaya and her website. I was excited, then absolutely delighted when she granted me permission to use the silhouette in my project. (Thank you, Viktoriya!) That’s how my project was born. Be sure to take the time to click on Viktoriya‘s name to visit her web pages, learn more about her, and visit her blog (the link to it is near the top of her web page).  There, you will see more of her wonderful work, and possibly even find something special that is free! Without further ado, here is her darling silhouette.

Silhouette by Viktoriya Yakubouskaya

Child Silhouettes by Viktoriya Yakubouskaya

Isn’t it adorable? Don’t possibilities and a wealth of memories come immediately to mind? – My original plan was to use the usual black for the silhouettes, but I chose the dark blue from this Going Fishin’ line instead and am very pleased with the result. Here is a closeup of that section of my quilt. I’m delighted with it, too. Once permission was received, I immediately knew the scene I wanted to create – a lovely sky, a landscape, a path up a hill to a one-room schoolhouse, and of course, these 2 children. I liked the idea of  2 New Beginnings – frienship and starting school. However, for some inexplicable reason, the first time I actually started working on my project and each and every time I returned to it, my plans kept changing. Mostly, they simplified. My visions of appliquéd landscapes changed to the intriguing use of strips and the quilt-as-you go method. I fused the appliqués then sewed along their edges with a straight stitch. We were asked to use at least 8 fabrics from those given along with any other of the batiks we wanted or needed. Looking at my fabric photos above, then visiting the Gone Fishin’ web pages to see the rest of this line,  you will surely be inspired to create the perfect quilt for the fishing-loving men and boys in your life! You can see that I did include a fish pond in mine.

New Beginnings: Friendship - by Maria Hrabovsky

New Beginnings: Friendship – by Maria Hrabovsky


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